Sometimes we question whether or not we should hire a professional for some of the big events of our lives or business ventures. In times like these, everyone has a smartphone and we oftentimes get caught up in the “do it yourself” mindset. (Before I became a photographer, I did this exact same thing!) While it is completely true that we can do it ourselves, there’s a lot of work that goes into photography than a lot of people realize- and to take this idea a step further, there are a lot of benefits that come from hiring someone with expertise in this area.

Shooting with a professional camera, manual mode, and sizing

A professional photographer does a lot more than just point and shoot! We have to think of everything starting with lighting at different times of day to what poses and camera settings to use in order to make your photo turn out the best way possible. A professional photographer will have invested in the correct equipment and will have knowledge of how to use it- and this is a huge part of why you should consider hiring a professional. A professional camera can handle a lot more data than a cell phone can- even a beginner’s camera can capture images that can be printed large if the photographer knows how to use it! DSLR cameras can shoot in RAW, which is a lot more information-heavy than the commonly-used jpeg. The higher-end professional cameras can handle a lot more and can print images even larger- so this is a very important thing to consider if you’re considering displaying them in your home.

Workflow and editing

Another important thing to consider is if you want your images straight out of the camera without any editing. (And I don’t mean putting a filter on a photo- I mean actually editing an image in a professional program.) If this is a no for you, you should really consider hiring a professional. The professionals not only invest in expensive post-production programs, but they know how to use them. Photographers use professional software to work on your images to fix any spots, lighting issues, crops, straightening, image sizing, and taking any unwanted specks or objects out of your images so that they don’t detract from the image.

Although it probably doesn’t seem like much, there is a lot more work and thought that goes into photography. You aren’t just paying someone to take pictures that you would have a hard time taking yourself- you’re paying someone for their equipment, their knowledge, to pay attention to detail, edit, fix, and perfect your images according to their style.

Photography can be used for a lot of things- it’s used to document, create, advertise, and so much more. The photographer behind the camera will be ready for you, your needs, and will do their best work to ensure that your photographic needs are met. The price tag can be overwhelming at times, but remember- this is someone’s occupation. (Also remember that you get what you pay for! It is most likely that the more expensive photographers will only be more expensive because they take more time to focus on your photos and offer a higher quality than others that may just be beginning or not as willing to prioritize the work they are doing for you!) This is what they do for a living- if it’s something that is important to you, consider taking the time in investing in a great photographer- you’re really investing in yourself.